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Entry #4

Nothing New.

2008-07-02 15:22:02 by sebnielly1



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2008-07-03 23:31:45

You're my new favourite user, man.

Too bad your thread about Ganondorf sounds got locked. It was so much fun. ;_;

(Updated ) sebnielly1 responds:

Well, i was planing of doing another one! Thanks!

BTW, if you look at my BBS posts, you'll notice i have two Ganondorf threads.


2009-12-17 14:39:42

When is Episode 3?

sebnielly1 responds:

I don't know. I don't even know if i will continue making the serie. And if i don't contiue that serie, either i will start another serie or i will just do nothing.


2011-07-23 17:58:28

Please I want to see Episode 3! :(((((((((


2011-07-25 09:22:25

Thanks for message sebnielly1!

I hope that you not given up on her.


2011-07-25 09:32:43

Pardon(sorry), I hope that you not given up on episode 3.


2015-01-31 17:02:45

Oh my god!
Do you start on Episode 3?

sebnielly1 responds:

Sadly I didn't get the motivation to keep using Flash for a very long period of time.